Monday, 5 October 2009

CARA MEMFORMAT ULANG HARDDISK dan Menginstall Ulang OS Windows atau Linux pada Komputer PC / Laptop

A. Step and Repeat Step Hard Disk Format

1. Back up / bekap your important files on your hard drive because the format will erase all existing files on your hard drive. If you have a cd-rw drive or dvd-rw drive can burn your files into a cd or dvd. Another way is to flash backup disks, floppy disks, zip disks, move the files to a network lan network or the Internet on a computer or other servers and others.

2. After the next backup is to create a windows boot disk / rescue disk in the floppy diskette 1.4 MB. It aims to floppy boot disks directly to your hard drive is not over. Term you will use microsoft os dos existing on the disk that you created.

3. Change Bios Settings
When you turned on your computer should look straight into the bios to set boot order options. How new computer turned on when you press and hold the delete button until the bios appear on your computer screen. Change the boot sequence with the first sequence a floppy disk.

4. Format Hard Disk
After bios changed and you insert disks disave then restart your computer. Later your computer will automatically boot from the floppy disk and select the boot without cd-rom that can boot more quickly. Once entered into the command prompt a: \ type format c: and press enter. Adapted to the amount of your existing partitions. If you have 3 partitions plus the fruit is the format command d: and format e:. Tips and how to partition the hard disk you can probably find the search box on the left page of this article. If the format has been named selsesai drive your taste. If all goes well settled and then re-formatting process is complete. Now your hard drive to be like new again.

B. Step and Repeat Step Install Windows and Linux OS

1. Install Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / Linux
The first step in re mengistall computer operating system on your pc or laptop is to reboot your disk and select cd-rom support devices. After the exit command prompt and then you enter your os installation cd match your tastes. Then search for cd-rom drive or dvd-rom you by typing d: or e: and so forth based on location or dvd drive cd rom you. Once you see and then locate the file setup.exe with the command cdnama folfer to enter into folders. Command cd .. to back one folder level. or dir command dir / w or dir / p to see the list of available files in that folder. If you've met then run setup.exe or install.exe by typing the name of the file and press the enter key once. The next step you just follow the instructions on the installation cd or dvd os.

2. Setting the Boot setting in the Bios
After re-install windows or linux is finished, then remove the floppy disk you flopyy 1.4 and went back to the bios menu after restarting again. Select the IDE-0 as the first boot. You are setting a floppy can be booted both and cd-rom to boot the third. You are free to decide according to your desire. After the restart replay.

3. Install Drivers and Software
If you've made it into the display windows or linux first, then you nginstall drivers for sound cards, printers, scanners, data cable, and so on according to the existing hardware. You must seek and have their own drivers. Each type of computer has a different driver. Usually you will be given driver cd when you buy a computer or other hardware. Without the drivers the equipment connected to a laptop or pc computer can not run properly.

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